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Snoopii’s Shotgun Project


This bike is owned by John Eirik Paalerud. The Shotgun Frame was originally designed by Julia Krüper at NCCR Sweden. John approached her with new ideas and together with Julia’s father, Jens Krüper, they designed and manufactured every part of what you can see here.

The Shotgun Frame is made from Docol Tube R8, the steering head from Toolox and sheet metal parts like for instance the yellow middle plate of the rims in Strenx. All from the same SSAB family of high strength steel.

The Multi-Jig developed by ME Racing is according to us the best way to build frames with high precision and repeatably. It gives builders the flexibility and stability we need to accomplish the best results.

Read the story and see more pictures here:

You want it?

Frame, Girder fork, Plunger rear suspension and custom rims all made by NCCR Sweden